#brokenbutnotafraid revisited

Two years ago around this time I wrote this. I was assailed with fear. I had the choice of continuing being afraid or taking a stand.

I took a stand….

#brokenbutnotafraid 2

One great weakness of the human being is fear of loss.

We are afraid to lose.

We are afraid to lose face in public.

We are afraid to lose in a race.

We are afraid.

That fear turns us into slaves of what we are afraid to lose. We become encapsulated in an embryo that paralyses our dreams, wishes and aspirations.

We are afraid to cross the road because all our lives we have lived only on this side.

I also used to be afraid, but the day I lost my fear I discovered the world is there for my taking….

You can take my fear if you want, I am done with being afraid.



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I totally relate…I’m done with living in fear!

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