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Be the routine breaker

“When the king heard about what had happened, he tried to have Moses killed, but Moses fled and went to live in the land of Midian. One day, when Moses was sitting by a well, seven daughters of Jethro, the priest of Midian, came to draw water and fill the troughs for their father’s sheep and goats.

But some shepherds drove Jethro’s daughters away. Then Moses went to their rescue and watered their animals for them. When they returned to their father, he asked, “Why have you come back so early today?” “An Egyptian rescued us from the shepherds,” they answered, “and he even drew water for us and watered our animals.””

‭‭Exodus‬ ‭2:15-19‬ ‭GNB‬‬


So Moses flees Egypt and goes to the wilderness in the land of Midian, but that is not where my story is.

I meditated on Exodus 2:19 over my last shift using a colleague’s Bible that she had left on our work desk and the story above has been with me since then.

  1. The Midian Priest had a huge problem. We only hear of his daughters and no sons. I assume if he had any son or sons they were too young to be shepherds and therefore the task fell on his girls because I believe, his office as a priest did not allow him to be out herding sheep.
  2. The second problem was obviously centered on the well that must have been the only water source around the place as it is said to have been the point for drawing drinking water and watering animals. This meant that the well was a Key Strategic Point and it therefore came with the strictures and pain such places bring.
  3. The third problem was a gender issue. The Bible says the shepherds bullied the girls and chased them away from the watering point meaning,because of the bullies , the girls could not draw water for home and to let their animals drink.
  4. The fourth problem was time. Because of the first three problems it meant that the girls had to wait until the bully shepherds had had their fun and fill before they could draw water and have their animals drink. This meant that despite being among the first to arrive , the girls were always last to leave the well. It means they always drew bad water and that their animals drank when they were at the point of dehydration and that meant that when they arrived at home they were late for their girl chores as dictated by the patriarchal society of that time.

Then enter the ROUTINE BREAKER, Moses:

  • He stops the bullies
  • He rescues the girls
  • He draws water for them to cart home
  • He waters their animals

And because routine breaker arrived on the scene , the girls went home at the time they deserved and even the priest realized their return on time. Normalcy had been returned by a foreigner who could not stomach abusive and disruptive routine.
Losing fear of fear will make you see the bad things that need to be broken. It will give you a voice for the mute , it will give you anger for the oppressed and down trodden and you would gladly go to bed happily knowing that you did your bit to restore things to good routine.




……… To be continued

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rumbidzai maketo

I do relate to what you have written


Whaal i have never saw that dimension .I am challenged powerful staff


“Losing fear of fear will make you see the bad things that need to be broken”-even as I read I can readily list bad things that need to be broken but fear says there are a lot of risks, the excuse then becomes – ‘mind your own business’. Encouraged!

sibanda N.B

So encouraging


Wow, so profound! I can so relate to this#touched#

thomas mupoperi

some of us never read the bible and digest hey..i feel i need bible lessons from you..i humbled


Incredible exegesis servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. May my Routine breaker locate my gps coordinates and deliver me from the wicked shephereds. Blessings abound my beloved brother.


That’s how we get to change the world. Oh may God shower us with His grace so we have the courage to be game changers for the oppressed. Thank you husband, it’s food for thought.


I am energised. So powerful and I can easily relate this to what is happening around. Indeed, I am broken but not afraid. I have been the energy to face matters headlong


What a great revelation. Tatenda big bro. Inspiring words.

Mai Bhonzo

Very inspiring… We should lose fear of fear….. We shall conquer, in Jesus name… Thank you


thank you

Joel Mpofu

Always inspiring. Keep sharing the deep and profound stuff. The soil that you continue to sow upon will indeed mould a better generation amongst us. Let the pen continue to write.


thanks brazzo and amen


This is wonderful staff thank you.


Moses the voice of the voiceless..

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