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Walk your path

My sojourn in the Shashe valley in the past few weeks still continues to reveal lessons. I am grateful to the devices that allowed me to record as many photos that are now revealing a lot of lessons to me.

In the above image that I took on the dry Limpopo River bed near Sentinel Farm there are two deposits, elephant dung and faecal pellets from an impala.

From them I made a great number of observations.

  1. Both the elephant and impala ate grass but the elephant ate many times the weight of the impala as evidenced by the dung pile.
  2. Both crossed the dry riverbed in search of water and possibly more food.
  3. Both needed, possibly at the same time, to relive themselves so as to create space for more food and water.

I learnt a lesson here. Even if the impala ate a hundredth of what the elephant foraged , they both had lived and trekked across the same expanse river bed.

Even if the impala weighed enough to be equivalent to one ivory tusk of the elephant this did not stop it walking where the elaphant trudged.

Even if the impala took twenty dainty steps for every two the elephant took it did not stop the impala from reaching the river bank and crossing over.

So, it ain’t the grass amount, nor the giant steps but it is the resolve to beat the odds and keep going that wins the game.

I am not afraid of my tiny steps, I am no longer afraid of my resolve because I have learnt one great thing; Both the impala and elephant share the same amount of the gift of life.

Dainty steps, giant steps, mounds of grass, nibblings of grass, all that matters is to keep walking to cross the river bed in pursuit of greater goals.

I am not afraid to step where giants tread. I am no longer afraid of fear.



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Thomas Mupoperi

Awesome–insightful and encouraging.i notice a chenjerai hove and ngugi wathiongo in you!

Personally i am encouraged as an impala…true its all about the resolve!


this is encouraging coz there are times we tend to be afraid or intimidated in situations where we see ourselves as small impala in the midst of big elephants


Theologians, Bible Scholars and ministries of the infallible holy scriptures postulate that there is over 52 known ways in which God speaks to men. The primary of them all being the Word of God (Inspired Scriptures) and then the rest.
Iam fully persuaded Sir, without any shadow of doubt that encapsulated in this illustrious series is the hidden voice of God. You have not failed and not even at once to download through the Holy Ghost broadband, the voice of God that has percolated into my spiritual fiber and dispelled all fear even in the midst of complexities of this very life.

The packaging of your pictorials is done with such simplicity that one might easily overlook the deep nuggets of wisdom hidden therein. I have personally taken a posture of great sensivitity and seriousness in reading your presentations Sir, lest i miss the prophetic sense and that divine expression needed for me to advance to the next level.

Keep hearing from God Sir and keep your delivery conveyor belt running. You are a debtor to this generation to dispatch keys for opening doors of breakthroughs. I salute.


ENcube baba!

Insightful. Inspirational. Incisive.

I will keep walking across the river bed and cross over.


An exciting and captivating stream of consciousness.


It’s so true. It is never about size, background or possession. Anyone “can do” anything if they want to.


You might not be the only one who saw the elephant dung pile and faecal pellets of the impala. Many might have skipped both piles covering their nostrils. You took your time-observing. At that moment you leart something. It did not end there. You resolved to share. Not only sharing but also teaching us something in addition to what you observed and learnt. I have also learnt that big or small we are all God’s creation through the gift of life. life is God’s precious gift to creation . Keep shining sir.


Wow! This is #deep! Absolutely prophetic. Thanks loads.


Many times often people (including yours truly) feel adamant to walk the path of the giants. This reading just changed my game plan.


Thnk yu so much for such an insightful and encouragingarticle. I will keep walking so I can achieve greater goals. Though they are little steps, size ain’t going to keep me down.

Rachel Chakanyuka

True, thank you for a powerful inspiration, another Impala, I have been inspired, motivated and encouraged. You do not have an idea how much you imparted on me, I will keep on pressing on and will never be the same again. Keep on changing lives of many, God bless!

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