Breathe !!!!!

I hear doctors slap a newly born baby to make them cry so as to induce an intake of oxygen into their system.  In the absence of such I understand the baby turns blue and is at extreme risk.

When someone is strangled they focus on removing the aggressor’s  hands from their windpipe in a quest to breathe.

When someone has an asthma attack they squeeze all their numbing efforts to convert the wheezing sound into an intake of breath.

Drowning people fight to rise to the surface for one purpose : To introduce fresh air into their lungs.

When the baby does not cry at birth he risks dying,  if the throttled person lets the windpipe be blocked they die and if the drowning person stays underwater they die.

All scenarios are changed by one thing. A breath of air.

So when all around you is suffocating you and overwhelming you, take a step and breath a fresh impetus.

When besieged and running out of all sorts please take a step and get a new perspective. Breathe.

At times all you need to clear a clogged chest is a burst of fresh garden air. Same with life. Take a step from the madding crowd and breath into yourself.

Some speak of refresher courses, it is just a new breath.  Life needs such.

As the year progresses face the obstacles with a burst of fresh air.

Breath impetus to dying projects.

Breath reconciliation to estranged ones.

Restart the initiative, rekindle the fire.

Redraw the battle plan.

Rounded off this all calls you to breathe again ……

I dare you to breathe and not die.

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Thabi N Ncube


True. Thank you

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