Age old wisdom

Dreams inspired me to fly at thrice the speed of sound but age taught me to lay hay while it is day. Dreams had not limit, they crossed swollen bridges, scaled scary mountains and ride lions horse back style but age urged caution, safety, planning and vision.


reality check

Reality check. What did you overlook today? A child mouthing a wrong word and left uncautioned will be the street gang leader who will take your watch at knife point tomorrow. A misguided adult who believes in their wrong being right might be the one to spread that libelous unfounded story about you. A subordinate who smells beer during working hours who goes unsanctioned might drive that company car carrying your children into oncoming traffic tomorrow.


COVID 19 lessons – Reflections

Everything in excess is opposed to nature – Hippocrates Before the lockdown I used to swivel my seat from the vantage position at my desk, shift the drapes aside and nod my heard in affirmation. I would be affirming a sound that I was used to hearing every evening before 1800 hours. It was the […]