I saw a horrific accident today. Someone overtook on a bend and drove into an innocent oncoming person who had just knocked off and was rushing home to join his family in the Christmas mode. All ended in a roadside wreck with our friend on life support.

These are physical accidents but during the year many fell casualty to emotional head-ons and are still struggling to put themselves back on the road. Some were hurt by our words, our failure to be honest, our inattention, our crude remarks, our snides and basically, our lack of love.

This Christmas may we all seek to give a present of self-restraint. Let us not be the sources of pain, derision, depression and stress. May each person we come across be glad that they did. May we put halters on our tongues. Brakes on our emotions and freeze our impulsive actions.

This Christmas may we all be honest and true first to ourselves then the rest. I feel so much derision at the levels of disloyalty that are plumbing the depths of the earth. So many children would not be being raised by single parents if we were all honest to ourselves. So many fathers would not be struggling to bond with their children if all people stood in the principle of truth and fidelity. So many people would not be dying if we were honest to each other.

This Christmas, as is within your means, please strive to be at peace, to be in love, to be faithful, to be truthful and to be the best. After all isn’t it the reason why Christ came to be born in a manger?

Merry Christmas everyone, be safe and protect those that you love.

I love you all and I will fight in your corner till we win all our battles


1 V23

Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.


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