Before i am free

Freedom is a great release. A chance to delve forward. An opportunity to stand on one’s feet. A chance to use one’s brain. Freedom is a licence to explore the horizons. Then how is it that when we become free we become fools? How is it that free men tie and bond themselves to death? How is it that our freedom brings us habits that kill us? Freedom cannot be bad, but how is it that all such bad comes with being free?

My resolve is that before I am free I should appreciate my surroundings. If I am constrained and contained in a small space then when I am released to greater space I know I will breathe easier, move easier and have turn around space but if you release me before I see that I am constrained I will never appreciate the freedom and one then must not be surprised to find the victim voluntarily returning to the cage.

Before I am free I want to appreciate what it means not being able to speak my mind freely. I want to be able to understand what a muzzle on my mouth is otherwise turning and giving me freedom of speech when I did not know I did not have it is a vain effort.

Freedom is not a blank cheque. It comes with bridles and halters and when ignored or abused freedom becomes vain like a runaway horse that flees the security of the stables only to be devoured by the lions in the forest.

Freedom gives you mobility but one’s failure to know their extent of gravitation can leave one in lurch – free, yes, but stuck in mud.

Freedom gives a free rein and allows for open mileage but a free fool is the one that will step on the gas without checking his fuel reserves. Freedom allows us to speak back but wisdom tells you whether it is worthy the salt to do so. Freedom says you can stay out all night but discernment says you have a job to go to tomorrow or a spouse waiting for you at home. Freedom? Yes. but without the accompanying accoutrements it is all in vain.

I love all the freedom I can get  but before I am free I ask that  I be granted wisdom , restraint , discernment , dexterity , capacitation , the courage , the humility , the determination and all the skills to handle my freedom so that it does not enslave and eventually kill me.

As the sun rises tomorrow I pray freedom that will not make one a zero.

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