Another chance

I  aver all of us have made mistakes, some of them so grave we wonder how we got away with murder. Yet some have made lesser degree mistakes and paid with their lives. Worse still, some have suffered from someone else’s mistake and paid dearly.

I saw a young man excited with getting a driver’s licence. He made a mistake that borders on the smallest margin of error and it cost him his young life and some road users yet on many days we swerve across lanes, nearly side swiping oncoming traffic yet we have lived to tell the story. In all these dimensions it is always a chance granted, missed or gained. Such is life.

Living life today has taught me to value all the chances I have had. I look back at the time I nearly died and read it as a chance to be a better person and strive to impact more positively on others. I look at the ruined relationships I have come from and I learn of a chance to learn the values of love and not to walk the path of dreary pain again.

I look at the job I have, minus what I hoped for and I read a chance to be able to make the best of what I am yet still reaching out to my dream. I see people who forgave me when I wronged them and in them I see a chance to build better and greater relationships.

I look at my mother and the towering resilience she has always borne and I learn from her about a chance to be a better parent given that she never had even a quarter of the resources that I have yet she raised me to be what I am.

I have the memory of my father. In him I see the best chance to know that my fate lies in my hand and that all the chances I am being given are meant to make me see things better and impact others in a better dimension.

We have not been lucky, no; we have been given another chance to be better and to be more positive.

As the sun rises tomorrow, count your chances and ask yourself –  did you deserve them more than the other person who did not get them?

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