achilles heel

The legend of Achilles has it that he was dipped into the river Styx by his mother Thetis in order to make him invulnerable. His heel wasn’t covered by the water and he was later killed by an arrow wound to his heel.

Although the legend is ancient, the phrase wasn’t picked up in English until the 19th century. It is used as a metaphor for vulnerability. (Source Google.com)

Most, if not all the times that I have found myself at fault, I have always managed to trace my issues to a weak link. A link that would have easily been dealt with by being thrust into the furnace and strengthened by fire. A link that could have been re-forged and re-linked to come out stronger and better.

Our weaknesses are our worst undoing. Like the love of chocolate that gives birth to extra layers of fat after the ecstasy of the sweetness is long gone, like the madness of throwing caution into the wind that breeds pain many years after the throes of indulgence, so are our weaknesses.

Our weaknesses feed on our egos. The more we allow them to portend over us the more they enslave us. Do you see a man who boasts about his weaknesses? That man is not wise. I have had people claim they have no control over their sexual impulses and they speak of sexual scalps like they were trophies. I have never seen a person who openly flaunts open, festering wounds and a man who boasts of being controlled by his weakness is like a person who displays a festering wound which if unattended, will eventually result in amputation.

Our weaknesses show our being mortal. They are an indication of our being human but our weaknesses must not be our downfall. Every man (woman) has a weak link. Every one of us has a frailty but how we end up depends on we deal with it. One who indulges their weakness indulges destruction. One who faces up to their frailty and works towards strength works for the good.

The key is in knowledge. One who knows their weaknesses will stay away from the fountains that spew that source of derailing. One who knows that they throw fists at the slightest provocation will do good to stay away from the gatherings of those that are liberally mouthed. Knowing your weakness is a conquering point. Admitting frailty is an aspect of humanity. Dealing with your weaknesses and avoiding the swamp that causes you to slip is a noble thing.

So, how goes your life? What is your Achilles heel and will it still enslave you tomorrow when the sun rises?

Achilles my foot !!

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frank sinatra

you are a great writer my friend

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