Today I sat under the ministry of a powerful man of God. A powerful prophetic servant of God who I know from so many years back. I sat under the ministry of Pastor Qhubekani Thokozani Nyathi of Praise and Worship Centre Plumtree as he ministered as a guest speaker at the Harvest House Plumtree revival. The man of God spoke about the essence of courting favour (soliciting kindness). Herewith are the principles as espoused by the man of God.

  1. BY SOAKING YOURSELF IN GOD’S PRESENCE. Esther 2v12, 17. Esther spent a year undergoing a cosmetic immersion in all sorts of fragrances before being ready to approach the presence of king Xerxes. When she emerged from that she found favour with the king and became queen. There is thus need for a habitual fellowship with God to court His favour.
  2. BY PURSUING WISDOM LIKE SOLOMON. PROVERBS 8V35. Solomon sought wisdom from God and all was given to him. From the pivot of wisdom came great riches, great favour, great attraction (more than 500 concubines). Wisdom is the key to all factors surrounding us. Obtaining wisdom unlocks the keys.
  3. BY LIVING UPRIGHTLY LIKE NOAH.GENESIS 6V8-9. Noah lived an upright life in a corrupt society and he was favoured for survival by God. An upright life draws God’s attention and security.
  4. BY MAINTAINING A SWEET SPIRIT LIKE JOSEPH.ACTS 7V 9-10. Joseph had a sweet spirit. He was sold by the patriarchs into slavery but he did not hold it against them. The household matriarch seduced him and when he refused she framed him for rape. Confined to prison on false allegations he served with diligence and eventually found favour into being Egypt’s Premier.
  5. BY HAVING AN EXCELLENT SPIRIT LIKE DANIEL. DANIEL 5V12-13. Daniel had an excellent spirit, he had academic excellence and that took him to the King’s administration. In Mark v 22-23 the princess excelled in dancing and courted the king’s favour to such an extent that the king was prepared to forgo half of his kingdom. One has to thrive for excellence in all their spheres of activity to court attention and favour. This includes studying , training and striving for the best.
  6. BY HAVING A SERVANT HEART LIKE JESUS. PHILLIPIANS 2V5-11. Jesus had all privileges and rights in Heaven but He discounted all those for the greater salvation of many. David was taking bread and cheese to his brother when the opportunity to take on Goliath arose. Mark all those who serve others with their time and resources and you will see that in due course God will lift them up.
  7. BY GRABBING YOUR KAIROS MOMENT LIKE DAVID.  THE Wikipedia defines kairos as ‘an ancient Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment (supreme moment).  The opportune moments come in the succession of time (CHRONOS). David was at the right place at the right time to achieve his kairos moment that took him to the throne. He did not see terror and shivering before Goliath but all he saw was an opportunity to be used of God to restore Israel’s lost integrity at the same time gaining immense wealth, a princess for a wife and tax-free life 1st Samuel 17 vs. 25. In the fear that was being suffered by the whole nation, David saw a favoured opportunity to advance the cause of a living God and he took it without hesitation and the rest is history.  A story is told how some use the crowing of a cock as an alarm (CHRONOS) but one man in Portugal saw an opportunity to start a worldwide chicken franchise (NANDOS). To him, a crowing cock was not a time gauge but his kairos moment. We need to know and seize our opportune appointment moments.

I thank God for this word. I know in the succession of time (Chronos) my divine opportunity (kairos) awaits.


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