Until i was eight years old Sundays were basically lazy days. All I was expected to do was to wake up in time to ensure I found the newspaper vendor still left with at least one Sunday paper for my father. Upon acquiring the Sunday News my next task was to lazily walk home, head buried in the double spread as I pored over the spreadsheet.

I really was not keen on the front pages. I was keen on how well Liverpool had played and if there were any pictures of soccer players that would grace my scrap book once everyone was done with the newspaper. On arriving home, the paper was relinquished to my father who would hoard it till he left around midday for his social circle at the nearest tavern.

After my father, my mother was next with the paper and if I was not quick enough the fellow tenants would be ahead claiming to just want to browse the headlines.

My mother put an end to my lazy Sundays. She found out where the local United Congregational Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) met. This was the church she had been raised in when it still ran under the tag London Missionary Society.

Fast-forward 4 years later me and my brother Zibusiso were Sunday school pillars and my memory book bore the most sticker awards. At school I had moved from class monitor to prefect to Head boy and my father never stopped gloating of what a brilliant boy I was.

Mine in my view was a wonderful life, model student, Sunday school leader, debate leader etc. I had these airs when I graduated from Sunday school to the youth group. I expected my surreal Heaven of memory verses and group leadership to confirm I was definitely Heaven bound. And boy did I have it all wrong!

At youth I was taught that prayer went beyond reciting the Lord’s Prayer, I was taught that Heaven was more than reciting the memory verses, I had to live the verses, and I had to read my bible everyday!!! I learnt that my acumen was no passport to Heaven but Christ was. This confounded me and left me deflated.

Until I met Christ.

(To be continued)

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